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MaxxAir Fan Install

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

After the sunroof was installed in the space previously occupied by the factory auxiliary air-conditioner, I needed to find another location for the MaxxAir fan. Many Sprinters feature 2 of these fans with one towards the rear and another directly behind the cabin. In order to have my fan located towards the driver/passenger seats it would have required moving the solar panel assembly. Instead of reworking my roof, the plan was to drop the fan above the kitchen. It could not sit in the middle of the roof due to the location of the shower/bathroom unit, but we were able to make it fit slightly towards the passenger side.

The install was a bit tricky because this location straddled ridges/valleys in the factory sheet metal and it could lead to leaks if not properly sealed. Additionally a wood frame was built for the interior to provide something for the screws on the exterior to grab onto. The MaxxAir has a motorized hood system that is rectangular and larger than what is seen on the interior. It pivots up and down to open the fan and protect it from the elements. My concern was that this shroud would interfere with sunroof operation, but thankfully we have about 1/4" of clearance.

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