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Do you accept returns?

Yes, we will accept returns and work to resolve any issues our customers experience with the product.

Does the product work on all Vans?

No, currently our Gear Rail is made specifically for the VS30 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (MY 2019+) which includes Revel and Storyteller models with a specific dashboard layout. The Sprinter can have 1 or 3 dash bins with lids - our current gear rail only works for vans with the 1 dash bin with lid located in the center. We are actively developing solutions for additional makes and models. 

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, domestic US shipping is the only option.

Does it come with phone mount or other mounts?

No, the NovelRig Gear Rail ships with the primary rail system and mounting points. Additional accessories like ball mounts, cell phone holders, iPad mounts, etc. are sold separately. We believe this gives our customers the most flexibility possible - allowing them to use whatever other products they prefer. 

Installation Instructions

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