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Sunroof Install & AC Removal

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The VS30 Passenger Sprinter may come with a factory installed auxiliary air conditioning unit on the roof. The unit is large and complex making removal difficult. The main reason to remove is largely due to its inability to function while the vehicle is not running. It's connected to dash hvac control panel, but also to the central cooling lines and engine pulley. To remove, first step is to disconnect, cap, and drain the coolant lines that run up the B-pillar and rearward towards the unit. Next comes the actual removal of the interior vent system and air-box. Mercedes utilized screws that protrude through the roof to connect the exterior piece of the unit which house the intake fans and actual cooling system.

We removed the unit, cut the screws to be flush with the roof and sealed. Now you are left with a hole much larger than previous Sprinters. Originally, I was planning to use this location for a MaxxAir fan, but it would have required too much additional metal work. Therefore, we went with a sunroof that was almost the same size as the hole. This added a ton of additional light and an emergency exit.

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